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The LiNX Story

Modern Design Meets Timeless Performance in the Next Generation of TDX


The LiNX Technology Story

To understand the needs of power wheelchair users, we started by understanding people. LiNX Technology is the innovative result of extensive insights gleaned from two years of power wheelchair user research, testing, and input around the globe.

This modular system features interchangeable driver controls and accessory modules that can be easily connected and programmed to accommodate client needs as they evolve over time. This allows the user to retain the technology that is familiar to them while benefitting from product advancements and updates over the lifetime of the system.

Technology with a Human Touch

In addition to designing a common platform to meet simple to complex needs, user insights also led us to introduce the first touch screen for the complex rehab industry, thoughtfully adapted for power chair users. The paradigm shattering touch screen is similar to your smart phone‘s touch screen in operation and features:

  • Requires virtually no force to operate.
  • Features a customizable touch zone to accommodate a user‘s range of motion.
  • Includes nubs on its sides so a user can navigate its buttons by feel when reclined.

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