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Remote Selection

LiNX electronic platform offers a range of remotes.


Drive Only Remote - REM110

The LiNX range of controls starts with a simple set-up that features the drive function, horn and a speed dial.


Drive and Power Positioning Remote - REM211

The REM211 has additional seating functions which are displayed with easy to understand icons.



Drive, Power Positioning and Lights Remote The REM216 has added light buttons to operate hazard lights, lights and indicators. The lights are bright for the active function, and will be dim for inactive functions. The primary and secondary functions on the light buttons are for lights and hazards.


Rehab Remote with Touch Screen - REM400

Invacare LiNX control system introduces next generation technology to powerchairs with the REM400 joystick with touch screen that requires minimal force to operate. This innovative joystick allows it to be configured to a user’s physical and cognitive ability, making it suitable for a range of users.


Rehab Display with Touch Screen - REM500

The REM500 is a display only version of the REM400, retaining the 3.5” interactive touch screen with ON/OFF and multi-purpose buttons located at the bottom. It also features a charging port, two stereo jack inputs and has been specifically designed for those who cannot use a standard joystick.

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