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Power Positioning

Premium solutions for the most clinically complex needs.

Power Positioning Choices Tailored To Accommodate Needs From Simple To Complex

Premium solutions for the most clinically complex needs Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx (ULM) Power Positioning.

  • Modular system designed to meet an individual’s changing needs
  • Up to 50° of CG tilt for efficient pressure relief
  • Up to 168° of recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR) to help reduce damaging shear forces and maintain posture
  • LNX Power Center Mount Elevating Foot Platform for smooth and effective leg elevation and positioning
  • Easy, ‘in-clinic’ dimensional adjustments to help ensure optimal system set-up and performance
  • Seat to floor heights as low as 17.25” with up to 12”of seat elevation to assist with essential, daily activities and promote safe transfers

Why an Advanced Positioning System?

We've paired the TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair base's superior performance with a industry leading function and reliability of the Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx Power Positioning System.

Functional Recline - Reduced shear
The Ultra Low Maxx System boasts a thoughtful recline design that replicates the body's natural pivots to provide a full recline motion that greatly reduces the amount of harmful shear forces in the system. 

Easy "In-Clinic" Adjustments
Sometimes a small adjustment can go a long way. The Ultra Low Maxx System helps enable easy adjustment of common dimensions such as seat depth, system center of gravity, back height, arm width (adjustable width recline cantilever arms) and lower leg length.

Center of Attention
Center mount articulating foot platforms provide a full range of elevation while greatly reducing the overall footprint of the power wheelchair. The industry leading LNX legrests also work with the natural pivot points at the knee to provide a smooth, natural, virtually silent repositioning of the legs.

A customizable power positioning system that adjusts to your body over time, the Ultra Low Maxx System enhances function, helping you to actively participate in daily life.

With adjustable width (16"-22") and depth (16"-23") options, it's the ultimate in support and comfort.

A wide selection of backrest, headrest and armrest options ensure a tailored power positioning system.

This feature allows for a range of accessories to be easily mounted and infinitely adjusted to support your positioning needs.

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