Pro SPIN X4 Ultralight Wheelchair

The uniquely designed single-piece side frame brings aesthetic and performance together in a best possible combination. The single-piece side frame minimizes both welded and bolt-on connections, strengthening the frame and lessening the amount of propulsion energy lost through flex and vibration. This design also enhances the squareness of the frame. The curved axle plate completes the flowing side view, making the ProSPIN X4 Wheelchair more like a work of art than a wheelchair. The durability and ride are legendary, offering all the options a product in this category deserves. Performance, durability and price puts the Invacare ProSPIN X4 in its own class.
  • Fixed front frame version w/ locking flip-up footplate
  • Heavy-duty package up to 350 lb.
  • Designed from scratch elevating leg rests
  • Amputee axle plate option
  • Bold black and silver anodized accent package

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Invacare TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair

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