Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair

The Top End Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair is the monster truck of wheelchairs and is designed to leave some serious tracks. Built with 6061T6 aluminum and equipped with enormous 25” x 2.75” knobby wheels and huge 8” x 2” front casters for extreme traction. Engineered with a lot of ground clearance, plus forward and side-to-side stability for conquering the toughest terrain.

  • Adjustable center of gravity, footrest height and angle and back height
  • Adjust seat and back upholstery for a custom comfortable fit
  • Engineered with mega ground clearance and forward and side-to-side stability
  • Rugged, custom-build rigid frame

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Product Specifications & Downloads

  • Agriculture Green
  • Black Prism
  • Bubble Gum Pink
  • Electric Blueberry
  • Grasshopper Green
  • Lilac Purple
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Red
  • Neon Yellow
  • Orange
  • Raspberry Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Silver Metallic
  • Simple Red
  • Stealth Black
  • Stealth Gray
  • Sunkissed Orange
  • Tangerine Red
  • Wet Black
  • White Snow


Invacare® TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair

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