Rear Wheeldrive (RWD)
  • Offers a comfortable ride
  • Provides good balance due to the weight being spread more evenly between the front and rear wheels
  • Supplies excellent traction under acceleration
  • Helps provide stable turning; G-Trac™ Technology
  • Helps provide precise tracking for imprecise environments such as side slopes, uneven or soft ground, or even bunched up carpets or door jams
  • Reduces the need for corrective steering actions so the driver uses less effort to reach their destination
  • Limiting corrective steering can assist in reduction of fatigue, safer driving, increased driving efficiency, enhanced independence, as well as increased energy to perform other daily living activities; MK6i™ Electronics
  • Electronics can be programmed to meet individual needs and preferences for powered seating and operation of peripheral devices
  • Offers driver-accessible diagnostics capabilities
  • Intuitive hand-held programmer offers simple drive programming and setup options;

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Invacare® TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair

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