Center Wheeldrive (CWD)
  • Provides the smallest turning diameter and smallest overall footprint vs FWD and RWD for optimum maneuverability
  • Provides excellent indoor driving experience due to the exceptional maneuverability; SureStep® Suspension and Stability Lock
  • Work in synergy to maintain balance and provide stability when transitioning over obstacles
  • When maneuvering over everyday obstacles or curbs, SureStep Suspension helps to ensure the seat remains close to level and the power wheelchair maintains virtually constant six wheel contact on the ground
  • Stability Lock uses one-way, gas locking cylinders that engage if the rear casters begin to lift off the ground, preventing the chair from lurching forward; G-Trac™ Technology
  • Helps provide precise tracking for imprecise environments such as side slopes, uneven or soft ground, or even bunched up carpets or door jams
  • Reduces the need for corrective steering actions so the driver uses less effort to reach their destination
  • Limiting corrective steering can assist in reduction of fatigue, safer driving, increased driving efficiency, enhanced independence, as well as increased energy to perform other daily living activities; MK6i™ Electronics
  • Electronics can be programmed to meet individual needs and preferences for powered seating and operation of peripheral devices
  • Offers driver-accessible diagnostics capabilities
  • Intuitive hand-held programmer offers simple drive programming and setup options

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Invacare® TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair

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