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Innovative electric drive that easily docks on/off your wheelchair for when you need power.

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Invacare manufactures the most complete line of wheelchairs, powered seating products, electronics and accessories in the industry. Quality products from Invacare offer more styles and options to satisfy the most demanding users. Scroll to navigate to your category of choice!


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Invacare focuses on products and services that help people move. From those who are active and going to work or school and need additional mobility, to those who are cared for in residential care settings at home and in rehabilitation centers, Invacare proudly offers a family of rehab brands. Our brands offer a comprehensive assortment of high-performing mobility products designed to foster movement and support various patient needs. 

Peruse this guide to discover all the unique and high-quality Invacare products designed to work in tandem to meet mobility needs from the most basic to the most demanding use. Each section represents a different brand of Invacare products, and offers brand summaries, photos and links to learn more about each line. 

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Check out upcoming events where you can experience the latest in the rehab equipment industry. As a clinician, your ability to support patient quality of life depends on in-the-field knowledge of current trends and up-to-date examination of the latest products for yourself.
Mark your calendar for the next conference or expo in the rehab equipment field—opportunities for you to learn the latest industry advances based on experts’ clinical research.

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Need to learn more about Invacare’s rehab equipment? We realize your knowledge of Invacare product usage and performance enables your effectiveness as a provider.

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