Motion Concepts Maxx Power Positioning Systems

Game-changing modular solution offers flexibility to create a highly adjustable, visually appealing and functional system designed to meet an individual’s changing needs.
  • Features up to 45° of CG Tilt, and up to 12” of nearly silent Power Seat Elevation
  • Extended Shear Reduction offers up to 170° of virtually silent recline
  • Ultra Rail slotted design allows for mounting and unlimited placement of accessories
  • LNX Power Center Mount Foot Platform uses geometry instead of tubes or complicated linkages to provide virtual articulation of up to 8.25”
  • Choose from six Maxx systems (not all systems available on all bases)
  • The Motion Concepts Single Post Back allows users to manually position in various angles for comfort and secure, and offers a better turning radius and streamlined look than traditional back canes
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