UltraLow Maxx System

The Ultra Low Maxx is the product of our unrelenting drive to manufacture Power Positioning systems that combine function and durability with the good looks your clients are looking for. At the center of the Maxx is our sleek new Ultra Rail, providing a wide range of accessory mounting possibilities and up to four inches of numerous seat depth adjustment.

System Highlights

  • Features up to 45° of CG Tilt, and up to 12” of nearly silent Power Seat Elevation
  • Extended Shear Reduction offers up to 170° of virtually silent recline
  • Ultra Rail slotted design allows for mounting and a wide range placement of accessories
  • LNX Power Center Mount Foot Platform uses geometry instead of tubes or complicated linkages to provide virtual articulation of up to 8.25”
  • Choose from six Maxx systems (not all systems available on all bases)
  • The Motion Concepts Single Post Back allows users to manually position in various angles for comfort and secure, and offers a better turning radius and streamlined look than traditional back canes
Product Offerings:

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