The SMOOV one is an innovative electric drive that you can easily dock on to and off your wheelchair whenever you need some extra power. This modern and sporty power unit significantly increases the driver’s mobility and range. 
Operating the SMOOV is easy thanks to an ergonomic control unit that mounts to just about anywhere on the chair.  The SMOOV one and the control unit can both be charged using the included magnetic charging cable.  Customize your driving experiences using the SMOOV one app. 

  • Speed of up 6 mph (use icons for the website) – See Brochure
  • Range up to 12 miles (use icons for the website) – See Brochure
  • Slope of up to 16% (icon)
  • Weighs only 16 lbs. (icon)
  • Max user weight of 310 lbs.
  • Aluminum locking claw helps the unit stay secure to the chair
  • Rubber drive wheel works on all types of terrain and surfaces including gravel, wet roads or cobblestones
  • 356 degree swiveling fork provides power with and into turns for enhanced performance
  • Speed up, slow down and stop easily with the ergonomic control unit

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alber e-motion Power Assist

You can add the e-motion drive wheels to almost any wheelchair for additional power.

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