Adaptive Switch Labs (ASL) Specialty Controls

ASL designs products specifically for those who cannot access their environment through conventional means. ASL is dedicated to assisting clients of all ages and abilities to gain functional independence with powered mobility, communication and access to their environment through technology. Our goal has always been independence and equal rights for those with whom we work.

At ASL we design our products with one goal in mind, to promote and improve our client’s independence, function and quality of life. Each product has been created by our designers and engineer working closely with clients, using their feedback to continually improve the quality and function of each system.

The product section is categorized by the function of the product for instance the 100s contain each of our drive control systems, the 200s are electronic switches and the options in which they are available.

  • Driver Controls - 100 Series
  • Electronic Switches - 200 Series
  • Mechanical Switches - 300 Series
  • Modifications - 400 Series
  • Specialty Products - 500 Series
  • Mounting Hardware - 600 Series
  • Products For Daily Living - 700 Series
  • Interface Cable Options - 800 Series
  • Headrests & Mounting - 900 Series

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