Invacare AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair

The Invacare AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair is a front wheel drive power wheelchair and the first entry under the AVIVA family name. It is designed for users looking to take advantage of the benefits a front-wheel drive wheelchair can deliver in their environment. The AVIVA FX offers advanced clinical features with a stable, soft ride and sleek looks. 

  • Invacare® 4Sure™ suspension system is designed to isolate the chair from vibrations and shocks and to keep the seat angle virtually flat when traversing obstacles
  • G-Trac is standard to help reduce user fatigue
  • AVIVA FX Power Wheelchair boasts a seat-to-floor height of only 16.75 inches, even with a full-sized 14-inch drive-wheel and powerful Group 24 battery. Not only can users get closer to tables, they also enjoy improved traction and stability
  • Comes with Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx Power Positioning System or Modular Power Standing System to help provide perfect posture and maximum level of comfort
  • Colored shrouds and wheel inserts allow the user to tailor the look of the chair to their personality
  • LED lighting lets the user see and be seen
  • Easy to service due to the quick access to each of the chair components

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