Motion Concepts ROVI A3 Power Wheelchair

The versatile A3 Power Wheelchair takes the great features of the ROVI X3 Power Wheelchair and adds 1.87’” to the width, which accommodates power positioning systems such as Motion Concepts UPFront and MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing Systems.

  • The unique frame design optimizes weight distribution by concentrating the mass through the mid-line of the base for stability and driving performance
  • Stand with Motion Concepts! The Motion Concepts MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System is available only the ROVI A3 base
  • Choose from four Motion Concepts Maxx power positioning systems and three non-powered options such as Rehab Seat, Captain’s Seat and solid seat pan
  • Active Ride Control independent suspension and powerful 4-pole motors work together to provide superior climbing ability and uncompromised stability with a smooth, powerful ride
  • Innovative onTraxx Enhanced Driving Module decreases the number of user control commands to maintain intended course over uneven or sloping terrain
  • Ideal for users who utilize a non-proportional input device for drive control, such as a head array or proximity switch tray
  • Make it yours with custom thermographic patterns or hand-painted fenders and shrouds
  • 5.8 mph and high-speed 6.2 mph motors available

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