PinDot Custom Molded

PROUDLY MADE in Elyria, Ohio! PinDot series cushions offer personalized seating solutions when other off-the-shelf products just won’t accomplish seating needs.


Both the PinDot Silhouette Cushions and the PinDot ContourU Systems represent state-of-the-art technology and computer-assisted manufacturing to produce custom contoured seat and back cushions for precise support and excellent stability. Several mounting options ensure accurate interfacing between the seat and back cushions and the wheelchair frame.
  • The PinDot Silhouette creates optimal product contouring through user simulation or molding for positioning and balance within the wheelchair frame. Featuring precise, custom-carved polyurethane foam in soft, firm or extra firm for pressure redistribution and positioning, even with orthopedic asymmetries. Moisture-proof coating seals and protects the foam from moisture and allows for easy cleaning. An optional moisture-proof and anti-microbial inner cover provide additional foam protection.
  • PinDot ContourU provides a precise individual fit for exceptional pressure redistribution and positioning. Built in support surfaces, including the ability to integrate headrests, armrests and lateral supports, minimize the need for additional accessories. Multiple finish options include ‘naked’ foam with a removable cover for increased comfort or non-removable vacuformed vinyl for stability and increased foam protection. 
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