Motion Concepts® ROVI X3 Power Wheelchair

The versatile mid-wheel drive ROVI X3 Power Base boasts the narrowest wheelbase in the industry, precision driving and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • The unique frame design optimizes weight distribution by concentrating the mass through the mid-line of the base for stability and driving performance
  • Choose from four Motion Concepts Maxx power positioning systems and three non-powered options such as Rehab Seat, Captain’s Seat and solid seat pan
  • Active Ride Control independent suspension and powerful 4-pole motors work together to provide superior climbing ability and uncompromised stability with a smooth, powerful ride
  • Innovative onTraxx Enhanced Driving Module decreases the number of user control commands to maintain intended course over uneven or sloping terrain
  • Ideal for users who utilize a non-proportional input device for drive control, such as a head array or proximity switch tray
  • Make it yours with custom thermographic patterns or hand-painted fenders and shrouds
  • Narrow footprint and unique chassis design makes the ROVI X3 Power Wheelchair a great fit for the mobility needs of children
  • High speed 5.8 mph and 6.2 mph motors available
  • Available with the full range of Motion Concepts’ accessories and Invacare® Matrx® Seating products

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Motion Concepts® ROVI A3 Power Wheelchair

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