Invacare® AVIVA® Storm RX™ Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Configuration

Moving is only exciting if YOU are the one doing it. Although many times people are just looking for a “standard” powerchair, our environments, mobility experiences, activities, and needs are extremely personal and necessitate features to support function and participation that are not necessarily considered “standard”. Age is a factor not only because bodies are different, but also the experience and activities each age group engages in vary. For example, because children are attending school, public transportation may need to be considered as part of daily life.


Wheel configuration has evolved over the years, starting at RWD, and adapted from there to improve ACCESS both indoors and out. RWD was configured by mounting the lower extremity supports to the front of the base, essentially extending the turning radius. Unfortunately, this made access in tight environments extremely awkward and placed someone’s feet in a position none of us would use when participating in an activity. This single configuration of decreased access eliminated the RWD as a regular choice for many users despite all the positive features and benefits.


With the launch of the Invacare AVIVA Storm RX power wheelchair, now you can enjoy the benefit of RWD, being DEPENDABILITY of mobility in a wide range of environments. Enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. Navigate indoors in limited environments and pull directly up to a table or countertop. As always, Invacare has led the way with innovative suspension, a combination of shock absorbing polymers, and Invacare® Sure Grip™ suspension, providing an extremely smooth ride! This helps provide stability for medical needs and enhances overall comfort.

The standard flared front, combined with one sided caster forks, provide the pathway for placing the lower extremities where any of us would place our feet when doing an activity, directly below us, supporting a closed knee angle. BAM…this position alone enables indoor access and getting close to an activity by allowing a tight turning radius.

RWD provides the capability for users to have most of the system in their visual field, being able to see when maneuvering around obstacles - a major benefit especially for individuals new to mobility.
In addition, due to medical needs, unfamiliar or unsafe environments, a person may need to be “pushed”, and the RWD is easy to maneuver even when using an attendant driver control.

Combine all the features and benefits such as options of narrow or standard bases, and versatility of LiNX® electronics platform, with a smooth ride, in a wide range of environments, who would need it?


Byron Guisbert
Clinical Education Specialist at Invacare