People Spotlight: Chris Galietta, ATP, National Seating & Mobility


Using PinDot Custom Seating since the 1980’s. 

Chris is a 34-year industry leader who carries on his father’s legacy.
His father Pete started a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company in the early 70’s and was approached by one of the founders of PinDot, Oscar Silverman, about using a new and exciting product at that time– Invacare® ContourU® seat cushion. Pete saw the value to the end user of Custom Seating and became dealer number 10! 

What advice would you provide to other ATP’s?
Prioritize the end-user. It’s easy in any field to get into a routine and do the same things, the same way.  But you should continue to think about the end-user. Ask great questions, listen, and provide them with the product that is going to make a difference in their lives.
What is your proudest moment as an ATP?
My proudest moment is when I get to see the difference we make in our client’s lives. It’s rewarding when I see them “connect the dots” and realize that the process to get them there was worth it. I have a passion for working with Neuromuscular clients and of course who doesn’t love working with kids? 
Which Invacare product has impressed you the most and why?
The Invacare® Storm Series® power wheelchairs are great! Their flexibility, durability, and adjustable features are what make them so significant and beneficial to some patients. There are still a lot of people that love rear wheel drive and I’m excited to learn more about the new rear wheel drive chair, the Invacare® AVIVA® Storm RX™power wheelchair. I’m also a fan of the Invacare® TDX ® SP2 power wheelchair and PinDot Custom Seating.
What factors come in to play when evaluating power mobility products?
Run-through trials and feedback from the patient are especially important. Manufacturing support is also a key factor when deciding which product is best suited for the patient.  I think about the quality of the product, the programmability of the electronics, serviceability, alternate drive controls and support. 
What are some of your hobbies?
I do woodworking and am active in volunteering with my men’s group.  I love to serve my community.
What is a fun fact about yourself?
I drive a bright metallic orange EV that my kids call – “The Goldfish Car”
What is your favorite vacation destination?
Vancouver, BC. I love everything about it from the food to the culture. We once went ziplining in Whistler, British Columbia. I’d also like to visit Europe someday.
Favorite Movie?
Silverado (1985). A Classic western movie with and epic cast.
Favorite Food?
The Bison Ribeye from Charley’s Steak House in Orlando. I also love the Char-Dog (Chicago style hot dog) at Gold Coast Dogs in Midway Airport.


Thanks Chris…and Pete, for all you have done for this amazing industry!